Thursday, March 21, 2013


Summary of today's adventure:

Sophia had an awesome day, although she was a little distracted during her therapy session this morning. After a nap in the afternoon, we went for a walk inside the subdivision. We went to the playground and stayed there for a wee bit. We met a Dachshund on the way home, Sophia was all smiles when it licked her. She was giggly when a Shih Tzu came to visit tonight, she attempted to play with it like the way she plays with LG. Speaking of LG, the family Mini Pinscher, Sophia's all good with it now. I saw Sophia sharing her biscuits with LG; she even puts the biscuit in its mouth. Looks like my little girl loves dogs. Sophia ate Pancit Bihon without being forced to. As of writing, Sophia is still rolling on the bed and speaking alien. Great.

When I hear Sophia babble or when she stares in my eyes, I ask myself, " what is Sophia telling me?" And then I'd analyze what it is that she could be saying. It's like an automatic thing for my brain to immediately analyze what she could be trying to communicate. I used to struggle before; I used to cry at night whenever I felt bad for not being able to understand her. But being exposed to her condition has been teaching me a whole lot, including putting myself in her shoes in order to understand her.

I also put my trust in the education I get from my fellow Autism Moms. They knew Autism like the back of their hands not because they majored in it but because they live in the same house. They carry on with Autism with strength that would put Superman to shame. They tackle with Autism hand in hand with their beloved Super Child and still got time to remain fabulous. If there's anybody who knows best, (next to the person with autism, that is) it's the person who calmly watches a meltdown and knows exactly what to do while the world stares and panics.

                         Source: via sophia on Pinterest

To be honest, there's a guide on how I put myself in Sophia's shoes. Please check out my next post for a compelling piece written by A Super Mom.

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