Some of the messages I receive from Mommies (and Daddies) around the globe. I handpick the ones with questions because somebody else out there might be asking the same thing and might need the same answer.

♥ How to start a Blog?

Hello Molly,

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I really am very happy that you love it. Yes, Sophia is an angel and truly beautiful, you'll love her, too. You just don't know how glad I am that Sophia's Jar is proving to be very effectual in helping and inspiring Mommies to speak up openly and proudly about their beautiful children's condition.

Autism support doesn't get as much emphasis here as in other countries. As a mother of a child with autism, I cannot just allow things to stay that way. People need to be educated about autism and how to properly deal with it, in order to ensure that children like my daughter get respect and support, instead of being singled out. I also wanted to be able to help other Moms/Dads in finding the courage to speak up and act for their children. That's what motivated me to start this blog..

How's Ethan doing? I'm sure he is a smart boy. I bet you have a lot to say about your journey together. Yes, don't be afraid to chronicle your awesome journey with autism. The world needs to know and feel what we are feeling. The world needs to know what our children are going through. The world needs to realize that autism is not something we are ashamed of. The world needs to be educated. You can be Ethan's voice, and you will be loud and proud.

I'm glad that you have a Google account because you can readily use that to create your blog. Here is the link on how to start blogging through Blogger: Blogger Getting Started Guide . You will find all the info there on how to get started. It's the same platform as my blog so I'm positive that it's very user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Now, all you need is courage to say the words that you would want the world to know. Please remember, we are all in this together.

Ethan is so blessed to have you. You are so blessed to have him.

It's my honor to be of help, Molly.

(By the way, your question and this reply has been posted on my blog to aid somebody else who might have the same question in mind. Rest assured that your private information is never disclosed to anybody else and will remain safe with me. Thank you. ♥)