I was once scared to speak up about my daughter and her extraordinary condition, not because of anything else but because I wasn't sure if I'm ready to share the ups and downs of our life to strangers. I wrote in private, about my frustrations for not being able to reach into her mind, my heartaches as a parent, and our struggles, as a way of recovery from a day of raging autism.

I realized that I needed to do more than that. It's not enough that I cry behind closed doors and keep my words to myself because I know Sophia needs a voice. She needs someone to scream for her rights- loudly and proudly.

My daughter is just one of the children with this condition, and somebody must be brave enough to speak up for their sake in order for them to be treated with respect and acceptance. They deserve more than the long stares and the scoffs. They are worth more than the label "autistic". They don't need pity, they need autism action.

I started a blog about our journey through autism because I want to be able to raise autism awareness and advocacy. I have this need to pave a way for a better world for children like my daughter. I want to educate to help people gain a better understanding of this condition. I aspire to be able to help other parents out there in finding their voices, too.

It's not easy being a parent, especially as a parent to a child with special needs. But have you tried looking into your child's eyes? You'll find yourself moving mountains just to keep that twinkle there.

This blog is about the extraordinary journey of my Extraordinary Girl.

This blog is all about Life and Love... with Autism in tow.
(Give or take a few glasses of milk and some cookies from Sophia's Jar)