Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It was a busy day for Sophia.

In the morning, Sophia received a visit from a happy couple. Her Ninong (Godfather) Ian and Tita (Aunt) Thea came to play with her, straight off from a graveyard shift. They spent almost two hours playing with Sophia.  Aww.. It really makes me happy that there are people out there who really care for my daughter enough to spend time and effort in checking in on her. For a parent like me, this act of love for my daughter is very much appreciated. I am forever thankful that they put a smile on Sophia's face and make her feel really special.

Sophia, Ninong Ian, Tita Thea and the scattered crayons

After bidding her visitors farewell, I ushered Sophia into the upstairs bedroom in time for her daily siesta. After almost an hour of roughhousing, unintelligible sounds, and pillow tug of war, Sophia fell asleep. Finally, some peace and quiet in this really hot afternoon.

Roughhousing with Mommy

She's got her favorite "foot pillow"

I woke her up two hours later because we needed to do something important. I had her dressed up with a casual tee, denims and her red sneakers. We went to a school just inside the subdivision where we live, and I talked to them about getting my child enrolled for summer class.

I explained Sophia's situation; I had been very clear about her condition and the purpose of enrolling her into a "normal" school. The principal asked if Sophia ever experienced being taught in a class before, and I said no. I explained that she only gets one on one education through her multi-therapies, and has never experienced being in a class with other kids. As we were talking and looking at my girl, Sophia suddenly covered her ears, and I felt a sinking feeling deep inside. Uh oh.. not good. I was bracing myself for the softly delivered hard words, yet still hoping for a positive answer. I waited in vain for almost two minutes before I heard the principal say that we could give it a try. She was very nice and seemed really understanding, she even reminded me when the enrollment would be. I uttered a sincere thank you then shepherded Sophia out.

I smiled at Sophia as we were leaving the school. I talked to her as we walked hand in hand. 'Look, Hun.. you're gonna be in nursery now. Just yesterday you're just a little baby in Mommy's tummy.'  I knew she could understand.

And just like that my eyes turned really teary that I had to wipe them several times. My baby's soon gonna be a lady. Okay, that's just summer class I know, but it's still school, you know. It's getting there.

Sensory Overload at school

Sophia was disappointed when she sensed that we were going back home. I knew a sign of an impending meltdown when I see one. I carried her past the house then walked towards the mall at the next street corner. Even at the mall, she refused to walk on her own and just wanted to be carried. She refused to ride the merry go round and ignored all rides. She kept covering her ears and seemed to be really bothered by what she's hearing.

Sensory Overload at the Supermarket

Thinking that she'd be okay after some fries and soda, I brought her to Jollibee and got her just that. She seemed happy about the fries and the soda, but eating had been next to impossible because she had to let go of whatever she's holding to cover her ears every now and then. At one point I had her lean her head against my chest  and covered her ears so that her hands will be free, just so she could enjoy her food in peace.

Easing up after gulping some soda

Well, she's okay after that. She still refused to ride the merry go round and ignored the rides, but at least she's already good with me not carrying her. We roamed for a while. She kept going back to Handyman and peering at the inflatables on display as if she'd buy one.

I remembered how she improvised a pool out of a large water container and I just gave in to the urge of buying her a new inflatable pool. I knew how much being in the water makes her happy and relaxed. I just decided to get her one.

Mommy's broke, but atleast baby's happy. Anything for my baby. Anything to see her smile.

Jump rope at the rooftop

When we got home, I brought her up the rooftop. Next thing I knew, she was holding this unfamiliar jump rope and acting as if she knew exactly how it's used. I said, 'where did you find that babe?' She didn't even look up. She made some unintelligible sound. Then I saw her moved her arms as if she's swinging the jump rope and acted like she's gonna jump over it. She didn't really jump over it, but I was amazed, nevertheless. I said, 'where on earth did you learn that, babe?' She didn't answer, but she looked at me straight in the eye and smiled.

Hallelujah. I am in heaven.

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